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More Painting, No Quilting

Hmmmm, see below:

Twirly Swirly


I went to the Farmers Market this morning and bought 4kg of the most yummy apples you can imagine. We spent quite some time trying to make headway with our landscaping this afternoon, then I did some spinning, then I made some print paste, then I washed some fabric… then I spun some mohair/angora blend top (slippery bloody stuff), then I drank some wine, then I did some more painting, but NO QUILTING. I NEED TO GET A GRIP.

It is totally related to the mess in my sewing room. I will NOT use this blog as therapy. I will clean the room first thing tommorow morning and then work will flow.

Right O. Thanks to Melanie. She kindly supplied the following links to me. I enjoyed, and was inspired, by each one of them:

Sabrina Ward Harrison’s journals,
Danny Gregory
John Copeland

Now, a final thought on pears before I hop off to bed. I can draw them in a fleshy kind of way. A bit like they are made of playdoh or something. I like that. You definitely think I’m a bit loopy now LOL.
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