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Big Head Beret

Well. Remember yesterday I blogged about my beret and how it would work providing I got the maths right? Well um, this is what it looked like prior to unpicking tonight!

I can’t believe I even got that far before I realised that it was going to be around 10 times too big. I have decided to just follow the pattern and see what happens. I suspect it will still be too big, but if that is the case the I will know for sure that the pattern is up the creek. The gauge is for 4 stiches to the inch and I’m getting more stiches/in than that at the moment.

Tommorow I will be back in my sewing room. A little swap is happening between Sophie and me… we’re swapping one of my bags for one of her hand dyed silk scarves 🙂

I have been enjoying the blog of the Dijanne Chevaal recently. It was her mentioning the use of linocuts to print on fabric which inspired me to ask for linocutting supplies for my birthday. I really need to finish the Lino Extravaganza so I can do the fun printing part… I’ve been diverted by my spinning and knitting, but it isn’t forgotton :-).

Check out this week’s illustration by my mate Bertha. She has been doing some simple but oh so effective (and funny) stuff for the Illustration Friday project. Continue reading

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