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A Beret, A Headlamp and Bean Enchilladas for Dinner

The rhubarb patch merino yarn I spun is being knit into a beret. Well I think it’s going to be a beret… this is dependent on a number of things, including:

1) that I’m reading the pattern right and my maths is good enough to convert the pattern which calls for 4 st/inch to my wool which knits at 6st/inch.
2) That I have enough wool. I had one very large skein… I’m winging it here. I’m out of fleece in those colours, so if I’ve mucked up, I’ll have to finish it off with a different colour.

I commented to Riscy that I need to get one of those free standing lamps where you can direct light to your work area and he suggested I try using the headlamps we have for camping. It works if I don’t move my head around too much.

I feel crap today and I think I look like it too. I took this afternoon off work due to intermittent nausea and a persistant headache (which was not helped by the headlamp band LOL).

Since I was at home I decided to cook up a chicken soup from scratch. We can’t have it for dinner tonight as I need to wait for the fat to solidify on top so I can scoop it out.

I had ingredients for Spag Bog, so Riscy decided to make that for tonight, got everything bubbling away then realised that the recipe calls for three hours of simmering. I never wait that long, but he decided that he needed to follow the recipe. So the last ditch attempt for food tonight was Bean Enchilladas, which were DELICIOUS!!

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