Daily Archives: March 15, 2005

Quick Post

The weekend went well. Much wine and cheese was eaten. I have probably gained 5kg must go back on diet posthaste.

Now onto the exciting news. I have won an Ebay auction for an Ashford Spinning Wheel. Check it out here

It was a thrilling experience. I’ve never tried Ebay before. So I was very nervous and my heart was pumping. I had read, some time ago, about using bidding software so I tried out AuctionInsights.com which worked and was free. YAY!

The only problem now is that I emailed the seller last night and just now and he has yet to reply. I have to assume that since he has a good trackrecord I should just hang cool for a while instead of checking my email every five minutes.

This is the merino wool I spun last night. I’m calling Rhubarb Patch. It looks brown from a distance.

I’m getting the hang of spinning merino with only the occasional breakage now, it feels divine!. Most of the fleece came from my felting stash which was primarily sourced from TreeTops Colours in Western Australia.

And, lastly. Check out this knitted food. Continue reading

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