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Little Update

Today’s photo is of my Ugly Duckling Scarf. It is definitely getting better looking though, so I’m thinking of changing it’s name to Swan Scarf.

I’m more and more pleased with this scarf as it grows.

There is a big difference between the feel and look of the wool on the new ball. It is a lot skinnier and not as nice feeling. It will improve as I get into the ball though.


This next part in my blog is on behalf of my sister, Megan, who rang me last night to ask if I remembered the rest of this ditty:

Fatty and Skinny had a fight
up and down the toilet pipe…

We could not remember the rest. Riscy looked on the net for the answer. But, whilst there were many other Fatty and Skinny dittys recorded, this one seemed to be missing. We gave up.


She called me back about 5 minutes after we hung up, she remembered:

Fatty and Skinny had a fight
up and down the toilet pipe
Fatty pulled the rusty chain
and Skinny was never seen again.


I’m losing hope of buying the Tara Spinning Wheel as Bev has not been able to contact the lady who wants to sell it.

There are a couple of wheels for sale on ebay currently, so I’m toying with the idea of bidding for them. I’ve never done ebay before. I’m not sure about the idea.


News of the BAG

The auction was yesterday The bag was auctioned off with a box of chocolates for $70, I’m very pleased by that! Our Environmental Officer bought it for his girlfriend.

All up we raised $4000 for The Worlds Greatest Shave for Care and a Cure. Pretty good for an office of less than 100 people!

I over spent (but console myself that it is a good cause AND tax deductable). At the auction I won a car wheel alignment and a 1/2 hour joy flight. Lets just say that I will NEVER bid for a house at auction. Someone had a bid for $120 for the flight and I was thinking to myself that my limit was $150… then I blurted out “One Hundred and FIFTY dollars!!!”… that stopped the auction dead and I won. Still, I can’t wait to take the flight! Continue reading

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