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Friday Yay!!

Whew! It’s Friday. We are just about to head into a series of 4 day working weeks 🙂 Its Labour Day here on Monday then we head into Easter.

An old friend of mine from High School is coming to stay on the weekend so I don’t envisage that I’ll get much creative stuff done, but I do hope to work some more on the Linocut.

I finished the bag on Wednesday night for the Shave for a Cure auction:

Yay, today this bag will be auctioned for a cancer charity.

I realised last night that I am the worst storyteller EVER! We had some friends over for dinner and everytime I opened my mouth nonsense came out…. I’d get caught up in stupid details, people would look at me with a confused expression etc. I wasn’t even drinking…

How could I, daughter a wonderful and entertaining storyteller and conversationalist, suck so badly. It’s embarrassing I tells ya, EMBARRASSING!

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