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Finger Painting

I was feeling pretty bad about obliterating the beautiful leaves on my Linocut extravaganza so I made a tracing of them in photoshop, printed it out then fingerpainted it.

Resurrection of the Leaves

I picked up some very cheap watercolour paints on a whim today, and already I have put them to use 🙂 They do have a funny smell though and I hope they aren’t poisonous, as I’m pretty sure I have managed to eat some (urggg!!).

Tonight I must make a bag. A wonderful, seductive, gotta have me bag that will sell for big bucks at the annual Shave for a Cure (for cancer) auction at my workplace.

I saw an exhibition of photograms by Susan Purdy on the weekend at the Cowwarr Art Space. It’s the second time I’ve seen these works and I really love them.

I’m sick of feeling dissapointed everytime I see work that I love and can’t buy so I’m thinking about setting up my own little fund for buying art. If I put aside $30 per week, I’d have around $1500 per year to spend on art. How cool would that be?

Also check out Clive Murray-White who lives in Cowwarr and runs the Cowwarr Art Space with his partner Carolyn. Clive does wonderful marble sculptures. When I met Clive and Carolyn at their gallery a few weeks ago I was blown away by their friendliness, Clive showed me through his workshop and it was great to get a feeling for the logisitics of dealing with those huge pieces of marble. I’d need to put away a good deal more than $30/week get one of his big heads.

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Linocut progress

Righto. I’ve probably gone overboard, I’ve certainly lost the effect of the beautiful leaves… but I couldn’t just leave them like that since this was intended to be a linocut learning exercise.

I don’t know where to go from here

As you can see I have toyed with the idea of putting a basketweave pattern in next… I don’t think it will work though.

I was at a dinner party on Saturday night with all sorts of arty types and one of them gave me some hints for dealing with the ‘busyness’ of the piece…. take prints then cut more away, print, cut, print cut etc. I’m concious that I don’t have a press so I may not be able to handle big white areas too well. But this is a learning piece, so I’ll give it a go anyway.

Since I got a bit stuck with the linocut I retreated to my spinning wheel where I spun some frustrating merino (but oh so soft) and did some more cutting on a reverse applique piece I’m making (and I’m not too happy with it)

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