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The Great Linocutting Adventure

Last night I Linocut ’til I couldn’t see straight. This is my progress so far

This is my linocutting so far. I have decided to use the huge piece of lino in one big linocut extravaganza.

I’m at the stage now where I need to make decisions about the structure of the piece. I started out just doodling around the edges until the big leaf thingys happened. Now I’m starting to feel precious about it and I’m worried about stuffing it up… a sure way to stiffle my creativity.

I have also hit upon a brilliant idea (ahem!):

In Photoshop, I removed colour then played around with the contrast tool to get this ‘imaginary print’ from my linocut. Sure is easier than squinting up my eyes to try and see the negative image.

We had lots of things planned today; Car shopping, attending the Boolarra Folk Festival then going to an opening at the Cowarr artspace tonight. But it’s raining in a seductive kind of way, its 10:30am and Riscy is still asleep, I’ve got Cowboy Junkies playing on the Ipod…. maybe we’ll just stay home 🙂 Continue reading

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