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Birthdays are Great!

It was my 28th birthday yesterday. I’m now a hop, skip and a jump from 30, my main panic is that it is getting scarily close to the age I was sort of thinking about having children and the maternal urge seems further away than ever!

We spent last evening thus: Chris came home with flowers (lilies which haven’t opened yet) and a card (a naughty, but funny one), we had a very very long walk with the dog. A lovely steak followed with beans, carrots and potatoes (yay for meat and 3 veg) and my second piece of yummy carrot cake for dessert.

We then went to see a play called Odyssey, I really had to sell this one to Riscy as he preferred the movies… but I am SOOO glad we went, it was wonderful wonderful wonderful. A very personal show with one actor interweaving Homer’s Odyssey and the story of his parents’ migration from Greece to Australia.

My present arrived in the mail today:

Linocut supplies. Note my foot in the shot is to give some scale to the HUGE pieces of Lino I got. It was a total mistake, Riscy thought he was ordering in centimetres (as shown on the the website) and they thought he was ordering in inches.

I rang up the supplier and we are rectifying the problem, but I have told them to charge me for one of the big pieces so I can experiment this weekend. 🙂 I’ve already cut into it hehehe

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