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Knitting Bag

Late last afternoon I started this bag, which I had planned to give to Bev today. I’m pleased with the way it’s turning out, but I don’t think I have time to finish it 🙁

This is my first attempt at a purpose built knitting bag (not finished yet). It’s BIG!

The bag incorportates pockets in the lining (another first). They are lined with really stiff interfacing, I’m hoping this will add a fair amount of shape to the bag.

I might try and put this week’s spinning lesson off until next Monday. It’ll give me more time to spin up a storm. (and besides, it’s Valentines Day… perhaps I should spend some time with Riscy LOL)

I tried some merino again and I actually spun some decent yarn (or as decent as a spinner of two weeks experience can expect). I also tried spining some silk (in Lap form), it would have made a nice fine embroidery thread.

On a personal note. Today is my first day in a new job. I’m officially in charge of other engineers and responsible for the work done in our group, how bloody scary!

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