Daily Archives: February 12, 2005

More Spinning

I’ve been busy spinning and dyeing this week. I’ve managed to ply every bit of yarn I’ve spun so far and I’m now faced with the daunting task of KNITTING something.

I’ve stocked up on books and obtained some patterns, but I’ve decided to tackle another scarf first, just to get used to knitting with my hand spun wool.

The start of the scarf made from my hand spun wool. I think I’ll intersperse the ‘laddery’ bits fairly regularly. I also learned how to twist skeins so they are nice and compact and plump looking 🙂

A spool of the purpley pink colour. I was going to verigate the colours, but I’ve decided to do wide stripes of each colour. I might ply with white, but I haven’t decided yet.

I’m going to knit a big project with these colours and perhaps a yellow. I really need to get better at knitting first though!

I have been avoiding my sewing room, it’s messy and I need to spend an hour tidying before I can sew. I can’t put it off any further as I need to make a knitting bag for Monday night as promised.
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