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Adventures with Dye

I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but I won’t let it stop me from trying anyway:

The Raw Product

The fleece after washing. I forgot to pick the clumps apart in my excitement.

Note that I included GREEN

No green here! but some lush purply pinks! 🙂

A few (Umm) learnings…
1) Aren’t you meant to pull the fleece into seperate clumps BEFORE washing? it’s still all connected
2) Do you have to get ALL the poo out before dyeing? It’ll come out when I card it right?
3) Why throw purple into a perfectly good orange bath (when you know deep down it will make brown!!! That’s the one on the stove at the moment

I have no idea of the theory of dyeing wools, I just followed the directions on the dye jars (except for the stiring… wont that cause felt?)

I can’t wait to get spinning this, I hope I won’t have too much trouble carding it ekkkk!

On the quilting front: I ironed the fabric for the binding of the pear quilt… That’s progress right?

AND I was asked to donate one of my bags for an auction at work to raise money for cancer research. Which I gladly agreed to do since a collegue died of cancer about this time last year. I hope it gets a decent price.
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