Daily Archives: February 6, 2005

Love Actually

We just watched Love Actually (again). I really like that film :-). Unfortunately that means I didn’t have time to completely finish my pear quilt… but I’ll show you the almost finished quilt anyway (just the backing and binding to go)

Backing and binding still to come

Detailed shot to show quilting

It took me all day to quilt the background, which is a bunch of vertical lines. I then attacked it with paint to get a mottled background… It went from looking pretty cool to looking like a high school art project (or more so) 🙁 I’m going to finish it and hang it though ’cause our walls are too bare.

If I really hate it after a few months, I can always make something else and put this one on the bed for the cat to sit on LOL.

My second spinning class is tommorow. I’m going to learn how to ply. I was all set to start another spool this afternoon, but it didn’t seem to fit my wheel.
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