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Deborah tagged me with this Meme, I too didn’t know what that meant.

Total Amount of Music on your computer? We filled our 40G ipod, I’m told that’s a lot of music.

The last CD you bought? Cat Power, John Butler Trio, Missy Higgins

What is the song you last listened to before reading this message? Norah Jones – can’t remember ‘exactly’ which song it was as I was listening to her album in the car.

Not counting the radio this morning as I don’t know the songs on Triple J anymore, but we’ve switched back to them from a few years of listening to Classic FM (they took Classic Clive off the air *sniff*)

Write 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you?

I’m going to list albums instead:

Tori Amos, Boys for Pele
Ben Harper, Burn to Shine
Nick Cave and the Badseeds, Lyre of Orpheus and Abbitoir Blues
Red Priest, The Four Seasons (I LOVE the recorder, it’s a kick arse instrument)
Cake, Fashion Nugget

I don’t really have songs that mean a lot to me, these are albums I would take with me to a desert island if I could only take five.

What 3 people are you going to pass this baton to and why?
I think everyone has answered this Meme by now, so I’m just gonna let it go LOL (if you would LIKE to be tagged let me know hehe) Continue reading

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