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The Journey

I almost didn’t blog tonight because as a quilter I’m doing a hell of a lot of spinning and there are only so many photos of a slowly growing spool of yarn that I can post here LOL

It’s mesmerising and I’m definitely making progress. below you can see three examples of the yarn I’ve spun so far.

The white one, I did last night after my first lesson with Bev it’s the precarded Corridale fleece from the Jumbuk in Bairnsdale. The pink is called Ashford Corridale from a little shop called Benambra Blue in Omeo, I spun it during my lunch break today. The grey one I spun tonight, it’s from some lovely fleece Bev gave me to practice on, I don’t know what breed of sheep it’s from but it is lovely and greasy and slides out nicely.

I’m wearing the yarns as bracelets at the moment so I can gaze at them when I’m not spinning LOL And I like to see my progress already from a lumpy yarn to a more even product.

I’m calling this the honeymoon phase, it is a general pattern with me (and others I suspect). I do the ‘new’ thing to the exclusion of other stuff (like sleeping) for the first while until I feel that I have somewhat mastered the basics, then I try to get the balance back… I have to work at getting balance, a continuing life goal for me LOL

With that said, I am determined to SEW tommorow. No sketching, no frigging around thinking about stuff, I’m just gonna get that sewing machine pumping! I WILL show something other than yarn tommorow.

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