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First Spinning Lesson

Yay! I just came back from my spinning lesson with Bev. She showed me how to deal with fleece straight off the sheeps back, I learnt to comb the locks and then I got to spin 🙂

As I expected, I’m not producing a very consistent yarn at this stage, but I’m generally happy about my progress.

My first attempt at spinning wool

There are three wools on the spool, all very nice if you ask me. The red one is a long stranded wool called lester (or something… I’ll have to look it up in my book, Bev told me twice, but I promptly forgot).

Bev dyes her wools too and she had some lovely examples of naturally dyed yarns, my favourite was a beautiful red dyed with eucalyptus leaves.

Next week I learn to ply. So I had better keep busy spinning so I can produce a decent amount of plied yarn.

I wonder if I should try to join The Spinning Wheel webring… perhaps, I’ll wait to see if I will continue with it first.

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Drawing – harder than I want

Things are getting back to normal with my blog (just the About Me page to set up), and also in my normal life (the tennis is now over; Lleyton lost the final, *sniff*).

Yesterday arvo I tried to sit down for a couple of hours to do some sketching for my challenge quilt. I drew one thing, then got really sleepy and had to put my head down on my desk for a little shut eye.

I’m not happy with my progress even though I have six sketches (I plan to do 10 panels), I just can’t help but think I have come up with a very uninteresting idea 🙁 I like the concertina book idea, it’s the cartoon sketching part I’m not sure about, the images aren’t right.

Should I be diciplined and continue? Should I move on and try some quilted jewellery ideas I had yesterday? (hey, I could make a 5:1 mini quilt pendant!). OK I’ll try a sewing session with the idea (perhaps it is just sewing machine withdrawal). If I’m still unhappy, I’ll abandon ship.

Tonight is my spinning lesson 🙂

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