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Books From the Exchange

I recently went through my book shelf and culled out a box full of books to take to the book exchange. I got to refill my box with $70 worth of books to bring home… these are the craft books I got

Look what I found today at the book exchange.

I’m impressed with the fashions in the knitting book (circa 1982), I would even wear some of the stuff in there… I might be able to knit something out of it!

I also got the spinning books I had reserved from the library. I’ve had a quick look through them, but I’m going to study them over the weekend so I’m ready for my spinning lesson on Monday.

I didn’t tell you how the lesson came about, did I? I was browsing on the net this afternoon, looking for general ‘how to’ info on spinning. I was thinking about making a drop spindle to try out.

I saw a demonstration a number of years ago from the Spinners and Handweavers Guild of Victoria, I decided to look up their website to see what info was there… nothing much but there was a contact number. So I spoke to the President Viviene and she gave me the number of the lady I’m having my lesson with on Monday… Pretty cool 🙂

Here is a picture of me knitting the huge scarf.

Me hard at work knitting scarfzilla.

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Recapping – The knitting blogs are getting to me

I took a day off work today – sick. But I’ve put my time to good use. I’ve arranged to meet with a spinner on Monday night so she can show me how to spin my own yarn.

“Whoa!” You say… wasn’t it only *this* week you were saying that you hadn’t picked up knitting needles for 8 years… well I must have an enquiring mind. I just have to know how a spinning wheel works and I need to see what I can do 🙂

There is a possiblity that I can hire a wheel off the Latrobe Valley Spinners so I can do some spinning at home and see if I like it. If I do then apparently there is an excellent locally made wheel that she know someone is willing to sell for $100.

I took the triple irish chain quilt to the longarm quilter yesterday. It’s going to cost me $266!!! $266 I must be mad! (although this does include the wadding and the backing)

I’m not sending another quilt out to be quilted, I don’t think it’s a rip off, but, after all I’m sending the out precicely because I don’t care about them enough to quilt them myself. I’ll bite the bullet and do them at home from now on, I’ve decided the King Sized quilt I’m making for my friends wedding will be quilted by me in sections.

I don’t have photoshop installed yet, so no photos of my now enormous scarf until later… Continue reading

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