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Day Trippers

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A Double Take

This afternoon, whilst procrastinating from ‘getting the house back
in order now that the builders have gone’, I was browsing through the
latest issue of Art Almanac and happened upon this.

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Work Gets in the Way

I am going away for work.  Will be back on Wednesday or Thursday night.

Smell ya later 🙂 

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Quilted and Cut

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This morning I saw a brown dog running along the road with his mouth stretched around a large, brilliantly coloured, dead parrot.  The vivid green and flash of red feathers on the bird and the posessive, shifty look on the dog’s face was the most beautiful thing I saw all day.

And a very strange day it has been.  Starting with last night.

Last night we could not walk on the floors in our kitchen and living room because the new tiles had been layed.  So we took the opportunity to take up an invitation to go to the local fake irish pub for dinner.   And a very pleasant evening it was.  My steak was done perfectly (on the rare side of medium rare), chardonnay was my social lubricant and there was a bloke who looked just like Joaquin Phoenix up on the little stage playing guitar and singing.

At my bed time, notionally 10 o’Clock, some bright spark suggested a tequila slammer night cap…. apparently we did five rounds.  I am pleased to report that the bright spark felt just a crappy as I did today.

I am very juvenile and irresponsible.  I wasn’t fit to drive to work this morning so I didn’t get in til 11am, then I had to explain to my boss why I was leaving at noon (6 visits to the loo in one hour might give you a hint), and assure him that I would be back at 3pm to present my enormous project to senior management.

3 hours later I was fit to be seen… at least I think I was… since presently we do not have any mirrors in the house.  I made it to my mega meeting and managed to get my project through.  I could say that I ‘will never drink again!’  but we both know it would be a lie.  Bloody hell, that tequila was good.

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